Nothing artificial, just real ingredients.

Carefully Selected Materials

Our noodles are made from high-quality wheat flour, water, and turmeric extract for yellow color.

Spice packages are made from refined salt, refined oil, dried vegetables. None of our products include any harmful colorants or additives.

Lamination & Cutting

The mixed dough is transferred to plate rolling equipment by a conveyor system where it is rolled and then cut to the appropriate size.


Next, the noodles are steamed using high pressure and elevated temperature to prepare them for packaging.

Cutting and Shaping

After being drained, the noodles are stretched, cut into slices, dried, and then shaped before frying.


Frying noodles helps to reduce moisture and shape the noodle before packing. In addition, the frying temperature helps to preserve the noodles and kills any bacteria or microorganisms that may otherwise occur.


Noodles are cooled quickly using fresh wind taken from the natural environment and filtered by modern equipment .

Our Process Begins with
Quality Ingredients


Noodles are packed and sealed, with expiration dates printed clearly.


The freshest, cleanest and most delicious noodle packages are delivered to supermarkets, distributors, and retailers to be enjoyed by consumers around the world.