Orange County, CA

PhaSauce was established with family and busy individuals in mind. With today’s fast-moving pace, we all seem to be short of meaningful time for each other. Hence, Phasauce was created to ease the cooking experience. It’s a flavorful Vietnamese product line of marinades and dressing and dip that is easy to use, fast and convenient to reduce prep-time in the kitchen. PhaSauce marinades come in garlic, lemongrass, curry, and a garlic Pan-Asian dressing and dip. The sauce is carefully crafted with depth flavors and fresh ingredients so our customers can enjoy it in the comfort of their personal space. Satisfaction, simplicity, and convenience are the critical customer components of the company’s mission.

About the Chef


Holly once owned a restaurant in Lincoln Park, Il called Asiana. There she introduced popular Vietnamese dishes to the yuppy patrons.  She takes pride and pleasure in seeing the different ethnicities enjoying Vietnamese food that’s being served in the restaurant.Her drive and passion for food took her to another stage in her life and PhaSauce became a reality during the height of the pandemic. And the rest is history, PhaSauce is now available on three online platforms and in seven supermarkets in the OC California, and Arizona areas.  Many more stores are in the works to carry. 

“Food is a universal language and I aim to enrich and cultivate happiness through it for our customers, simultaneously bridging eastern and western cultures with PhaSauce”.

- Holly, Owner of PhaSauce

Other Collaborators