Stir Fried Vegan "PHO" with Vegetables

Pho noodles can be used in many different ways! Prepare SIMPLY FOOD Premium Pho Noodles with fresh vegetables and vegetarian fish balls in a mushroom sauce to create a delicious and simple entree!


Cook Time: 45 Minutes

34 Oz of SIMPLY FOOD Premium “Pho” Noodles

8 Oz of Carrots

2 Oz of White Beech Mushroom

3 Oz of Broccoli

3 Oz of Vegetarian Fish Balls

3 Oz of Onion

3 Oz of Minced Ginger

1 Chile pepper

1 Tbsp of Ketchup

1 Tsp of Soy Sauce

1 Tsp of Vegetarian Oyster Sauce

½ Tsp of Sugar

½ Tsp of Sesame Oil

1 Tbsp of Cooking Oil


Step 1

Thinly slice onions, white beech mushrooms, green chili, carrots and broccoli. Halve the vegan fish balls to smaller bite sizes. 

Step 2

Prepare SIMPLY FOOD Premium “Pho” Noodles by placing the vegan pho noodles in boiling water for 3 minutes, then soak the vegan pho noodles in cold water and drain. Continue mixing with a little vegetable oil.

Step 3

Combine soy sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce, sesame oil, ketchup and sugar and mix well until well combined.

Step 4

In a separate pan, add cooking oil and stir-fry minced ginger until fragrant, toss in fish balls, broccoli and continue stir-frying. Then add chili, white beech mushroom, half of the sauce and continue to stir fry until everything is cooked.

Step 5

Toss the cooked vegan pho noodles into the pan along with the remaining sauce and sliced onions, and cook for another 2 minutes.  Place on a plate to serve.