District One

Las Vegas, NV

If you are a lover of modern fusion cuisine, look no further than Chef Khai Vu’s District One Restaurant and Bar located in Chinatown, Las Vegas. Exclusively known for their extravagant Lobster Pho noodle soup, District One Restaurant and Bar holds a sophisticated yet fun atmosphere by serving delicious Southeast Asian inspired cuisine and craft cocktails in a stylish, contemporary, and intimate space.

About the Chef


Chef Khai Vu is no stranger to the hospitality industry, in fact, at a very young age of 11, Chef Khai came to the United States and grew up helping after school in his family’s restaurant.  His abundant knowledge of the food industry, extreme passion towards food, and his love of traveling provided the building blocks necessary to create an urban-chic, Southeast Asian inspired fusion restaurant today known as District One Restaurant and Bar.

With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Chef Khai and continued to open up many popular restaurants including: District One Restaurant and Bar, Pho So 1, Viet Noodle Le Pho, Mordeo Boutique Wine Bar & Tapas and many more.

“Seeing them happy, and to see a customer’s body language and know that they’re happy with their food means a lot to me ... I look out the kitchen window and see a big smile, and that feels good.”

- Chef Khai Vu

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