Vietnamese Comedian Van Son

Westminster, CA

Want to create a delicious meal with a side of laughter? Join Famous Vietnamese Comedian Van Son on his mini YouTube series where he embarks on an adventurous food tour across the United States and shows viewers how to cook mouthwatering meals with Simply Food products on the go in the comfort of his own RV! From tasty baked salmon spring rolls to a quick and easy noodle soup—Van Son uses Simply Food products in the most yummy and fun way!

About the Chef

Van Son

Before he was known for his extraordinary skills in the kitchen,
Chef Van Son was a famous Vietnamese comedian entertaining the lives of millions with his charm and humor.  Today, he honed both skill sets to amuse his large following of more than 2.2 million on YouTube in his personal vlogs and adventurous cooking videos. 

His high standard of food aligns perfectly with Simply Food’s mission to provide quality food. In numerous videos, you can see Van Son cooking with Simply Food products!

“From Rice paper to Instant Noodles to Rice Vermicelli and Everything in Between... Simply Food Lives Up to its Motto of Quality Food.” [ Translated]

- Comedian and Chef Van Son

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